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eyelash extensions

before your appointment

  • Please remove all eye makeup prior to your appointment, to ensure you receive the most out of your treatment time.
  • Avoid using waterproof mascara for at least 3 days’ prior (that stuff can be like cement to get off)

volume eyelash extensions

We use super fine and SOFT lashes to create handmade fans for a full look without weighing down your natural lashes. 2D = 2 eyelash extensions per natural lash extended, etc. Applied by Master Stylists only.

Full Sets

2D Set                             $165
3D Set                             $175
4D Set                             $185
5D Set                             $195
6D Set                             $205
¾ Volume Set                     $125

(approx. 120 lashes each eye)



45mins                           $80
60mins                             $110
75mins                             $140
90mins                             $170

(applied after 3 – 4 weeks)


classic eyelash extensions

What are classic lashes? 1 eyelash extensions per natural lash extended.

Full Sets

Classic Full Set                   $150
¾ Classic Set                      $80

(approx. 40 lashes each eye)


45min                         $55
60min                         $75
75min                       $95
90min                        $115

(applied after 3 – 4 weeks)

eyelash extensions aftercare

  • Keep your lashes dry for at least 7 hours (24 hours is ideal)
  • No facials, swimming, steam rooms or saunas for 48 hours
  • Use only water based makeup removers and cleansers (Oil based products will shorten the life of your eyelash extensions)
  • A foaming cleanser MUST be used on your lashes at least 2-3 times a week to help prevent eye infections. We recommend Dermaquest C3 Cleanser.
  • Regular cleansing will keep your lashes healthy, your Eyelash Extensions lasting longer and will help prevent a build-up of natural oils, dust and makeup.
  • Avoid exfoliants around the eye area. This includes chemical exfoliators like AHAs & Glycolic Acid Cleansers.
  • No waterproof mascara and no mascara is recommended for Volume Eyelash Extensions.
  • No eyelash curlers on your eyelash extensions
  • Avoid rubbing, touching and playing with your eyelash extensions (This can become addictive, so just don’t even go there!)
  • Use a tissue to blot dry lashes after washing your face
  • Let us know immediately if you experience any discomfort or irritation.
  • Don’t forget to pre-book your next eyelash refill at 2 – 4 week intervals in order to maintain the fullness of your eyelash extensions (We recommend 3 weeks for most clients)

popular upgrades

Ultimate Eye Rejuvenation Treatment

This soothing eye treatment is designed to eliminate puffiness, wrinkles and visibly lift the fragile skin around the eye and includes a stress relieving hair and scalp massage. (Recommended as a pack of 4 treatments)

If incorporated with a facial treatment                              $25
Treatment 30min                              $65
Prepaid Course 4                              $199
Back, Neck and Shoulder Massage
This quick application will enhance your features and adopt a natural glow without looking “made up” or “overdone”.
If incorporated with a facial treatment                              $60
Treatment 30min                              Share the spoiling $50pp (min 2 people)