Ladies Day Luxury Spa Ritual


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This signature ritual begins with your 30min float in our float pod that contains 500kg of pure magnesium sulphate which creates the buoyancy for you to float effortlessly and escape the forces of gravity.We like it to the sensation of what we presume floating in space feels like.

Continued with a Pink Champagne sorbet full body exfoliation. An aromatic skin smoothing sugar infusion layered with pressed grapes, strawberry and sparkling essential oils. Your entire body is then massaged in a deliciously exotic infusion of cocoa shea butter. Designed to sooth, calm, heal and nourish dry skin.

This intense age proofing Sake` Ceremony spa facial treatment targets lines, wrinkles, luminosity and firmness in your skin. Transcending time and tradition the ageless Japanese rice wine ceremony harnesses antioxidant rich sake` with white tea, jasmine flower, sweet cherry and rice protein activated with the potent Vitamin A retinoid complex and Coenzyme-Q10.

Our Ladies Day Luxury Spa Ritual includes:

+ 30min Magensium Float Therapy Session

+ Pink Champagne Full Body Scrub

+ Full Body Relaxation Massage

+ Sake` Ceremony Spa Facial