spa rituals

120 mins | $150

Calm your busy mind, rejuvenate your tired muscles and inspire your imagination with a Ultra Essence float experience. Floating has so many wonderful health benefits both phsyical and mindful, for a total rejuvenation we have combine a float with a our aromatic essential oil massage.

Whether you are a regular floater or a first timer, enjoying a massage with your float amplifies the
wonderful natural health benefits of your float time! Your 60 min float will relax your mind and prepare your body for a reviving 60 min full body massage that will then dissolve any tension left in your body. You will be literally floating out the door glowing in your new calm stress free state. You may want to call an Uber for this one!

These are just a few of the conditions known to be improved by floating:
Stress relief, Muscular pain, sports recovery, Rheumatism, Chronic pain, Fatigue, Fertility, High blood pressure,Migraine headache, Jet lag, Anxiety, Insomnia, Back pain, Depression, Pre-menstrual tension, Post-natal depression.

90 mins | $130

The perfect ‘pick me up treatment’, starting with a hydrating petit spa facial rich in lashings of
exotic fruit, oils and vitamins for instant rejuvenation. Combined with an aromatherapy back,neck and shoulder massage layered in omega serums, vitamins and pure essential oils.

Finishing with an indulgent conditioning hair treatment blend of jojoba, apricot and hazelnut oils to restore brilliance to tired dry locks. you can enjoy a soothing head massage while extracts of blackberry, sweet orange peppered with cinnamon & nutmeg increase condition & shine.

This ritual is designed for the 'go getters' with little time but who need maximum relaxation.

120 mins | $205

We don’t want to say that we have favourites, but let’s just tell you what’s going on with this spa
ritual. Targeting tired, aching muscles during your one hour aromatherapy massage, with your choice from our collection of Body Serums. A pure botanical luxury layered in omega serums, vitamins and pure essential oils that make it a deeply hydrating relaxation massage.

Continue with our luxurious performance Rose Quartz Spa Facial targeting firmness, lines and wrinkles. Activated with smart peptide Heptapeptide-7 with advanced cosmeceuticals and an anti-ageing vitamin complex in a nurturing infusion of pure rose oil, crushed quartz and crystal essences to intensify transformation at a cellular level.Finishing with a divine foot scrub and massage. Taking your oh so indulged body out onto our deck to enjoy refreshments on us!