Valentines Day Spa Rituals

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Love Me, Spa Me Spa Ritual

This signature ritual begins with a Pink Champagne sorbet full body exfoliation. An aromatic skin smoothing sugar infusion layered with pressed grapes, strawberry and sparkling essential oils. Your entire body is then wrapped in a deliciously emollient organic honey and cocoa clay. Designed to sooth, calm, heal and nourish dry skin.

Steamed off using our signature hot towel ritual the body is treated to a replenishing hydration treatment, infused with molten cacao and pure vanilla bean. The result is soft, supple, hydrated skin.

Your face is then treated to our Vino Therapy Performance Spa Facial. An anti- ageing face treatment to deeply rejuvenate, replenish and repair. Enriched with vineyard offerings of pure shiraz, pomegranate, fig and organic chocolate, your facial is complete with a performance contour masque infused with 500mg of pure vitamin C and 1000mg of freeze dried shiraz. You will fall into complete relaxation as we begin your head massage using pressure points to release tension and stress.

  • Pink Champagne Full Body Scrub
  • Full Body Clay Wrap
  • Full Body Relaxation Massage
  • Vino Therapy Spa Facial
  • Jojoba Head Massage

3.5hrs $375

Be Mine Spa Ritual

This ultimate treatment begins with our ritual aromatherapy relaxing full body massage. Whilst blissfully relaxed, we begin your customised spa facial targeting specific concerns harnessing professional prescriptives to correct, rejuvenate and repair.

Our spa facials feature a deep hydrating cleanse and crème clay exfoliation followed by an intense massage emulsion layered with vitamin A, carotenes and pure essential oil concentrates. Once infused the spa facial is finished with a performance contour masque steeped in active botanicals and 500mg of pure vitamin C to energise and transform the skin.

This treatment would not be complete without a glass of sparkling or a herbal relaxation tea, while your feet are being treated with a bamboo foot exfoliation and rich lashings of spearmint and ginkgo.Leaving you floating out the door with super smooth soles

  • Your choice of a 60min Aromatherapy Massage or a 60min Floatation Therapy
  • Prescribed Spa Facial
  • Botanical Barefoot Indulgence

2.5hrs $255

Romantic Petit Retreat Spa Ritual

Enjoy an aromatherapy massage with aromatic essential oils dispensed in omega rich serums, encapsulated Vitamin E and molten nut butter for the ultimate luxurious botanical body ritual. Therapeutic doses of pure essentials oils create a sensory hydration massage ritual for you.

This visibly rejuvenating Petit Spa Facial is designed to brighten, nourish and revitalise your complexion using exotic fruit enzymes, replenishing botanicals and a hydrating infusion of aromatic essential oils.

As your exfoliating mask infuses into your skin, we treat your scalp to an indulgent conditioning hair treatment blend of jojoba, apricot and hazelnut oils to restore brilliance to tired dry locks.

  • Petit Spa Facial
  • 30min Aromatherapy Relaxation Massage
  • Jojoba Head Massage

1hr $125

Love Boat Float Spa Ritual

Tired? Stressed? Can’t sleep? Time poor? In need of muscle recovery? Or just need to rest & reset?

Your 30min float is in our float pod that contains 500kg of pure magnesium sulphate which creates the buoyancy for you to float effortlessly and escape the forces of gravity. The water is heated to skin temperature so after a while the sensation of your body dissolves and you feel weightless. We like it to the sensation of what we presume floating in space feels like.

The pod is both sound and light proof which gives your brain the chance to disconnect from the constant bombardment of sensory input and enhance your ability to be cognitive, mindful and introspective. The magnesium sulphate solution leaves your muscles deeply relaxed as the tension in your body melts away and your body releases amazing energy. There is simply no other technology or environment that can stimulate these evolutionary effects.

We then finish this spa ritual with a 30min massage using light to moderate pressure and smooth,flowing techniques. To maximise your relaxation experience we use a hypnotic blend essential oils to relieve tension, stress and to fully relax.

  • 30min Aromatherapy Massage
  • 30min Floatation Therapy Session

1hr $99